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BBC Paradise on Special

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me that much since I don’t keep tabs of this kind of thing and had I ever been asked what the most popular porn genre is women browse I would not have had an answer.

It does turn out that BBC porn is the number one most surfed porn genre on the net.

I’m not sure where these stats come from and can’t say just how reliable it is as a result but it’s not like it’s something that’s going to change the world if it turns out not to be so either.

I’m curious though as to how popular the genre might be with guys because it’s not something you could ask your mates since they would immediately defend their sexual orientation before risking anything else.

Regardless of who you are or what your reasons might be, this special deal does not discriminate:

You can save 67% with a discount to BBC Paradise and get complete access to their entire library of content with fresh material added frequently.