Sitcom Porn Anyone?

Some parody porn is pretty good but most of it I find to teeter way too strongly on the bullshit side. perhaps it appeals to the basement geek who’s been having wet dreams about Supergirl and princess Leia since he was 12 years old. You know the type that cosplay Starwars and collects the figurines.

For me though it really is just another porn scene and my sexual fantasies does not include sci-fi.

This site however is different in that they present porn in a sitcom format. Of course there is no fucking in actual sitcoms. the intention there is non-stop comedy and this is what made my first experience a little awkward.

I’m not laughing when I’m about to come and I’m not looking for humorous punchlines when I’m horny. Those two sensations are contradictory so these guys have their work cut out for them to do this right but they do seem to do a decent job at that actually.

It really is something you try for yourself at least once would be my suggestion and if you like it you might even want to consider the discount of up to 72% off That Sitcom Show.