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BBC Paradise on Special

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me that much since I don’t keep tabs of this kind of thing and had I ever been asked what the most popular porn genre is women browse I would not have had an answer.

It does turn out that BBC porn is the number one most surfed porn genre on the net.

I’m not sure where these stats come from and can’t say just how reliable it is as a result but it’s not like it’s something that’s going to change the world if it turns out not to be so either.

I’m curious though as to how popular the genre might be with guys because it’s not something you could ask your mates since they would immediately defend their sexual orientation before risking anything else.

Regardless of who you are or what your reasons might be, this special deal does not discriminate:

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Sitcom Porn Anyone?

Some parody porn is pretty good but most of it I find to teeter way too strongly on the bullshit side. perhaps it appeals to the basement geek who’s been having wet dreams about Supergirl and princess Leia since he was 12 years old. You know the type that cosplay Starwars and collects the figurines.

For me though it really is just another porn scene and my sexual fantasies does not include sci-fi.

This site however is different in that they present porn in a sitcom format. Of course there is no fucking in actual sitcoms. the intention there is non-stop comedy and this is what made my first experience a little awkward.

I’m not laughing when I’m about to come and I’m not looking for humorous punchlines when I’m horny. Those two sensations are contradictory so these guys have their work cut out for them to do this right but they do seem to do a decent job at that actually.

It really is something you try for yourself at least once would be my suggestion and if you like it you might even want to consider the lifetime discount of 49% off That Sitcom Show.

Mindbogglingly Hot Tranny Honeys

It’s not the first time I’ve seen Domino Presley, one of the hottest shemales I have ever seen. There are pics of her on the site where you can’t see the penis and I would never have guessed her not to have been born female had I not known.

Thing is, she’s not the exception at Trans Angels. These guys clearly only work with the cream of the crop because I have seen many shemale disasters. Apologies for being so blunt about it but it is just so, in my opinion.

Not the case here, not even once. Girl after girl and they’re all off the charts. So  much so that it boggles my mind where they find them all. How far we have come in the last few decades.

You really should check it out if you fancy this genre. Get Trans Angels for less than $10 with our discount and you’ll never look back. That’s a 67% discount on the best tranny site on the net.

She Knows Exactly What She’s Looking For

I’m pretty sure Summer Day is not trying to pick this lucky fellows pocket or even looking for his car keys, even though she certainly is looking to score a ride.

This 24 year old honey was born March 19th 1994 and hails from Seattle, Washington, USA.  I have no idea who the guy is and the only reason for that is because I don’t give a fuck. I’m all about the girls 😉

He’s hung like a stallion though and Ms. Day is up for the task beyond a shadow of a doubt in this steamy interracial scene. Well, actually all the scenes are interracial as the network’s name suggests. In this one she takes a monster BBC up the ass and I know this is a favourite of the ladies at least as far as watching porn is concerned.

So ladies, and gents of course, you might want to take note that there’s a 43% off discount to Interracial Pass via that link and there are specials on their monthly and yearly deals too.

Extracurricular Activities for Extra Credits

As a guy I am convinced that 100% of boys at some time in their school career fantasises about fucking some or other teacher but I have a strong suspicion that this is perfectly true for girls too. As such, Teacher Fucks Teens is perfect for both genders as pervy boys get to fuck their teachers here and teachers fuck the slutty girls too.

For me it was my science teacher when I was 16 years old. She had shortish red hair and more often than not she was actually a little strict but there was something about the way she enforced her way of discipline, but I was just too inexperienced to pick it up then. She was feisty with a devilish streak and I am convinced now that she must have been an amazing lay.

Of course, neither I nor any of my mates ever got anywhere near fulfilling our fantasies with her, but she sure had us hooked wearing those thing blouses with her nipples piercing at the fabric.

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Blood Might Be Thicker Than Water

But is it thicker than your stepbrother’s cum?

Why is the step-family thing so popular? Why are there so many of us sick fucks who fantasize about fucking people within our on household.

Incest is greatly frowned upon and considering that it is illegal (almost?) everywhere then what is it that draws us to this desire?

I bet the answer lies exactly in that. As human beings we have and probably forever will, want for the things we are not allowed to have.

The Christian handbook starts with the fable of that very desire and urges to teach a life lesson that there will be severe punishment for succumbing to its powers.

I’m not here to judge or lecture. I can merely tell you that if we’re not supposed to eat from this tree I’m in a lot of trouble too.

And Eve said to Adam: Check out this tasty SpyFam deal.