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Extracurricular Activities for Extra Credits

As a guy I am convinced that 100% of boys at some time in their school career fantasises about fucking some or other teacher but I have a strong suspicion that this is perfectly true for girls too. As such, Teacher Fucks Teens is perfect for both genders as pervy boys get to fuck their teachers here and teachers fuck the slutty girls too.

For me it was my science teacher when I was 16 years old. She had shortish red hair and more often than not she was actually a little strict but there was something about the way she enforced her way of discipline, but I was just too inexperienced to pick it up then. She was feisty with a devilish streak and I am convinced now that she must have been an amazing lay.

Of course, neither I nor any of my mates ever got anywhere near fulfilling our fantasies with her, but she sure had us hooked wearing those thing blouses with her nipples piercing at the fabric.

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